Health and Mindfulness Apps| Reviews and Recommendations 

Calm app – a great introduction into meditation and mindfulness. Offers a 7 day trial for introducing you to meditation. You can also set a daily reminder. Calm keeps track of your sessions so you can see how consistent or inconsistent you are at your meditation routine. There is also a Breathe feature that guides you through mindfully breathing. Another great feature to mention is Sleep Stories. Sleep Stories are soothing stories that help you unwind and mentally prepare for sleep.

The rates for Calm subscriptions are: $12.99 for monthly sub., $95.99 for yearly sub., and $299.99 for lifetime subscription. 

Round app – medication tracker and reminders. Allows you to set a reminder window instead of a specific time. Much more realistic than expecting everyday to be exactly the same. Also keeps track of ‘as needed’ meds —yessss! This is a feature I have really wanted because I often don’t remember whether I have already taken my ‘as needed’ medications, or how long it’s been since the last dose. Particularly my pain meds, because sometimes my pain doesn’t go away or returns prior to the appropriate timing to take another dose. 

MindJRNY app
– a great mindfulness tool. Mind Journey has a wonderful aesthetic and is very easy to navigate the app. You can further customize the voice of the app to be female or male, and during sessions you can customize the background image. There are several categories of guided meditation to choose from including: ‘Time Out’, ‘Commute’, ‘Sleep Clinic’, and more.  Each category has a decent selection of sessions. The free version of the app allows you to access at least one session from each category. You can also do a 7-day trial before paid subscription. 

There are also different mindfulness  activities available within this app. Such as coloring pages, mindful games, and scenic videos. As a visual person, I appreciate these additional features and feel that I get the most out of this app since it allows me to visually focus on an image, which provents me from becoming distracted. 


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